Daniel Goodwin

FT Weekend – Matthew Engel

Super article in the FT yesterday by Matthew Engel:

This feeds into a piece that I had in draft which will replace this later in the weekend.


One comment on “FT Weekend – Matthew Engel

  1. 90yearsofmovies
    April 30, 2011

    The most interesting observation from Matthew Engel is at the end of his article.

    “change comes when the population’s demands become unignorable. And in Britain – even in civic-minded Ludlow – the people neither care enough, nor have enough faith in their own judgement, to demand the right to make their own decisions.”

    I am at a loss to explain why there is a lack of engagement in local political affairs in the UK. Why do we not seem to care enough to act?

    Daniel, Do you have a view? How do we engage citizens to make a difference for themselves?


    Adam – Thanks for the comment. A good question which I will try and address in the next post.
    Regards Daniel

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