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This blog a year on.

This blog recently celebrated its first year of output, totalling something over 20,000 words, so I thought it would be timely to review the key themes and try and set a direction for future posts. I have attempted to set out a way of looking at local government from a localist perspective. I have also tried to stand aside from some of the heat of the last year and to look coolly at emerging proposals to see what can positively be taken from them. Key themes that I have covered include:

  • Local vision and the impact of national politics
  • Common good contributions and Public Value extraction
  • Place shaping and the impact of different service types on the development of place
  • Management and leadership approaches and frameworks
  • Global perspectives
  • Developing a modern approach to the public service ethos

These have all been in the context of what I would identify as six key activities of local government

  • Civic leadership and electoral democracy
  • Community representation
  • Facilitation and deliberative democracy
  • Regulation, community safety and public protection
  • Service commissioning
  • Direct provision

Further work is likely to consider issues that develop thought relating to these themes and to networked community governance and the development of new approaches to the above six key activities. I also hope to turn my attention to cultural strategy a little more in the coming months. I am grateful that a number of the posts have become articles in the Local Government Chronicle and Municipal Journal. Special thanks also to those who have read or commented so far, please keep it up as it helps enormously to focus and revise my thoughts.


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This entry was posted on May 2, 2011 by in Community and culture, Local Government Futures, Place and planning.
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