Daniel Goodwin

UK Constitution – PCRC update of 9th March

The work to propose a constitution for the UK, by the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee is quietly going on in the background reflecting the need to address a range of issues more generally, but particularly in the light of the Scottish Referendum result last year. Its latest round of consultation elicited over 3000 interactions with the public including over 160 written submissions. The latest stage was published on Monday 9th March.

The Committee’s latest web coverage can be found here, and its report can be found here.

I was involved in two responses, one for INLOGOV which particularly focuses on Local Government and devolution, and a more general one of my own.

Although this might at first sight seem a little dry, all three main parties have issued statements about the kind of constitutional convention that is needed, and the election result will determine exactly what happens. I think that events including but not limited to the referendum, to the European question to the 800th anniversary this year of Magna Carta, together with the impending election combine to make for a decisive moment which needs to be addressed and to involve the community in discussions about the nature of the UK and its values.


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