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Social change and the body corporate

In the last week I have celebrated my 50th post and 2000th read of this blog, which has provided me with disproportionate satisfaction, particularly given that I also heard of … Continue reading

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Community budgets – the Rosetta stone of public services?

Dotted around the country at the moment are small groups of people trying to think through the question of community budgets. A few days ago the government sent all local … Continue reading

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Open Public Services White Paper – a look at the principles

Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about the Open Public Services White Paper and reading the various pieces of analysis from the local government press, Local … Continue reading

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Business, taxation and representation

The suggestion this week that councils may be allowed to retain business rates (LGC 19th May) may seem a little dry. However it could mark the beginnings of a significant … Continue reading

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British Institutions: Local Government – It’s not all doom and gloom but nor is it a piece of cake

Last Thursday (28th April) at St Albans we held the first of what will hopefully become an annual Mayor’s Civic Pride award. It was a fantastic evening which had come about … Continue reading

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A potent cocktail of change, or was Beveridge more your cup of tea?

Conversations over the past week have made me think even more about the future of local public service and leadership. These thoughts have become all the more acute as the … Continue reading

April 4, 2011 · 1 Comment

Perspective, mutuals and scale

It was with some surprise that I checked yesterday and found that it is over a month since my last post. However it has been a little busy with finalisation of our … Continue reading

March 24, 2011 · 1 Comment