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This page provides links and where possible downloadable PDFs of various articles and other essays for free use provided appropriate acknowledgement is given.


Reflections on ‘Bridging the Gap’ June 2014 – (PDF) Reflecting on INLOGOV symposium with particular reference to political mandate, demand management and commercialisation, INLOGOV, June 2014

Building communities to bridge the gap – on the fundamental need to build community capacity to mitigate funding reductions, INLOGOV Guest Blog, June 2014

Making a solid case against short term savings – On the need to set out long-term financial plans and avoid the mistake of relying on short term savings, Municipal Journal, June 2014

Linking local growth with local politics – Guest Blog on Socially Productive Growth symposium at the RSA, May 2014

Social care reform, consider the context – LGC Article on the health and social care needs of older people, LGC, January 2014


 If the system is broken…fix it – Calling for long term budget settlements for local government, LGC, December 2013

 Top down is no way to succeed – On the need to develop a whole community approach to improvement, rather than expecting centralist approaches to work uniformly everywhere, LGC, October 2013

 Time to be unreasonable – Local government should stand its ground on behalf of its communities and be prepared to be unreasonable with central government on their behalf, LGC,  September 2013

This is not an ask, it’s an action plan – Introducing the LGA’s  initiative, LGC,  July 2013

Beyond-nudge – (PDF) Demand management chapter of INLOGOV publication on new forms of local government ‘Do we need a new model of public services’, INLOGOV, July 2013

Dependency on Central Government – On the problem of local government’s dependency on grant funding, MJ, June 2013

Time for radical service redesign – Simple incremental improvement is not enough, complete change is needed to many services. LGC, May 2013

Preparing for the spending round – The potential impact of the Autumn 2015 spending round on local services, MJ, May 2013

We do our best work in Partnership – Local government is at its most powerful when it provides strategic political leadership to  broker partnerships across an area, LGC, March 2013

 Linking political and managerial leadership, a personal reflection – Personal review of the relatinship between chief executives and political leaders and their shared responsibilities, International Journal of Leadership in Public Services,  April 2013

The negative impact of council spending cuts – On the potential long term impact of cuts on the unprotected sector, MJ, March 2013

Council offer key in spending round – Local government is the key to public spending effectiveness, LGC, February 2013

The value of combining public services – Looking beyond simple local government sharing to combined local public services, MJ January 2013


 Delivering Distinctiveness – Collection of essays which I edited, published by New Local Government Network www.nlgn.org.uk

 LGC – Original Text on Mutuals – Original text of LGC article 21st April 2011, reproduced courtesy of Local Government Chronicle

 Planning common good and local communities – Text of online article in LGC, 15th February 2011 on the future of planning, reproduced courtesy of Local Government Chronicle.


Building a framework fit for the future  – Article, 10th June 2010, on developing HR strategies which help address emerging challenges. Reproduced courtesyof the Local Government Chronicle.

 Public servants II: This time it’s personal – Unpublished article on leading public servants’ roles in the light of changes to the local government framework, building on thoughts in Welcome to the New World.

 Welcome to the New World – Article on post 2010 election public leadership,. What stance should public sector leaders take in the forthcoming changes? This article explores options and the need for a new framework and role description for leading public servants. Reproduced courtesy of the Municipal Journal.


Regulating and realising local vision – Conference paper on local vision and leadership of regulatory services. This article explores the role of regulatory services in helping to realise local vision and to develop distinctive places. Reproduced courtesy of  the Local Better Regulation Office.


 Just the job?  – Guardian/Ashridge essay competition entry, shortlisted. This paper explores the characteristics and tensions of public leadership. Reproduced courtesy of Ashridge .


Simply, a local future – Unpublished essay on localism. Considers the various pressures of localism and the prerequisites for success.


Institutional change: New Localism and Public Value in UK Public Governance – Conference paper providing a ‘Public value’ assessment of localism and a review of the change management pressures evident in a move towards a more localist approach. Reproduced courtesy of the Regional Studies Association


Sustainable Development and Leadership – Essay arising from South African MPA module, covering a range of questions of sustainability and inter-generational equity. Reproduced courtesy of University of Warwick Business School

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